The TURUS UKKO Jerk is developed in Finland by Janne Koivisto and Jarmo Rapala. It is designed for northern pike with regard to size, colors and swimming action. Many famous and passionate pike fishermen have been involved in designing, developing and testing the lure. The TURUS UKKO Jerk, like the TURUS UKKO Wobbler, is of course handcrafted in Finland. For this jerk the same high quality standards apply and everything starts with a high end lure body made of highly impact-resistant strong and durable injection-moulded plastic, which has similar buoyancy characteristics as wood, but is much harder and has more to confront the attacks, especially of big pike.

The one piece steel wire extends throughout the body from head to tail. Moving balls inside create an attracting nuance to the lures movement and vibration. The weight and size in relation to the dimensions of the inner rattling chamber of the lure have been adjusted in such a way that a dull sounding heavy noise is generated by the individual movement impulses of the lure.

Together with the slight vibrations of the jerk caused by the ball, it has an incredible effect on the side line organ of the predator, which cannot do anything else than to take a closer look at what is happening. What the predator sees then does not spread less stimulus. The jerk comes across as an injured prey fish in stately size. Each Ukko Jerk is hand-painted in Finland and finished with several layers of long-lasting epoxy-coating. The colours have proven themselves many times over. The TURUS UKKO Jerk has a unique and diverse swimming action and impresses with the variety of options for handling this lure. As a glider, it breaks out laterally after the individual acceleration phases to the left and right. In addition, its weight has been deliberately selected to ensure that the lure sinks during periods of rest. Thus the TURUS UKKO Jerk runs in all desired directions and it can be adapted to all fishing conditions. In the colder season, the TURUS UKKO Jerk can be run very slowly. The lure can perfectly imitate the last twitches of an injured fish, which seems to be a simple prey, by occasionally reeling in the lure or by movements with the tip of the rod. Different from many similar type of lures TURUS UKKO Jerk has a specially unpredictable, erratic and irregular movement irresistible for pike.

In the warmer season, faster phases can be included, so that especially the predators who are actively looking for food can be addressed. It is important for all lure runs that in the free-wheeling phases, the line should be given as much as possible to ensure that the lure provides the most intensive stimulation possible. With the TURUS UKKO Jerk, especially shoreline areas and shallow water zones can be searched very successfully for pike lurking for fat prey. Due to the fact that the lure can be led very flat in a fast way and can easily reach depths of up to 2 meters due to slow movements, this Jerk is ideal for fantastic fishing experiences. The TURUS UKKO Jerk is always responsible for exceptional catches of pike beyond the meter mark, often even for catching specimens of well over 20 pounds.

The TURUS UKKO Jerk has very uniform and effective throwing characteristics. Its ingenious shape and weight distribution are the reason for first-class flight phases and wide distances, so that the largest possible area can be successfully searched for pike.


ModellVersionWeightRunning DepthMSRP
Turus Ukko Jerk 15 cmsinking, rattling70 g0 – 2 m24,95 €